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"Discover The SECRET To Running Successful Google Shopping Ads and SCALE Your Shopify Store Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!"
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Are you struggling with Facebook Ads? Are you sick of the constant algorithm changes? Struggling to stay profitable when scaling?

Are you relying too heavily on traffic from Facebook Ads? ...Have you even tried Google yet?!

If any of the above strike a chord with you, then this Google Shopping course is, without a doubt, the next course that you need to take.
Using his much-loved 'step by step over the shoulder' teaching style, Six Figure Entrepreneur, Chris Nwalor, is going to show you how to set up Google Shopping campaigns and Product Listing Ads from absolute scratch. Even if you've never heard of Google Shopping Ads before, after this course, you'll be perfectly capable of launching these all by yourself.

Google Shopping is an amazing opportunity and it is such an easy way to generate extra sales for your website. I'll explain why I 100% fully believe this within the course.

Get ready to learn how to add a new marketing strategy and stream of traffic to your 
E-Commerce business, to help increase your sales, revenue and profit.

**Yep, your very wise for taking action**
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E-commerce Students 🔥
14 Day Money Back Guarentee
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Who is this course for?
If you have an e-commerce business (whether you dropship, manage your own inventory, or sell white-label products), you will see amazing results with the strategies I teach. If you get excited about new opportunities that make you profits, then you need to sign up
Will you show me how to find profitable products?
Yes! I have an entire section dedicated to product research exclusively for Google Shopping. Once you learn the product research strategies I teach, you will know exactly how to find products that will generate four and five figures a day in sales!
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, If You Are Unhappy With the Course You Can Get a Full Refund Within 14 Days of Purchase if You Have Viewed Less Than 40% of Course Content and Have Completed the Action Based Requirements! View the Complete Terms of Service.
What budget do I need for Google Shopping?
If you can spend at least $10 a day on ads, then you're in good shape. I teach effective strategies that save you money and get you sales at the lowest cost. This isn't like Facebook ads where you need thousands of dollars to test.
How long does it take to go through the course?
There are hours and hours of videos, so you should go at your own pace. Some students take a few days to complete the course, and some take a few weeks. It all depends on how motivated you are to succeed! Please keep in mind that the course is regularly updated, so the course is always growing!
Will I get access to you personally?
Yes, I Will be Personally Available to Answer Your Questions and Give You the Green Light BEFORE Investing in Your First Campaign or Product!  
Inside The Ecom Mentors Program
Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside
Module 1
Shopify Store Setup Like A Pro
 Create Your Six Figure Designed Store
 Step By Step Shopify Creation & Setup
 Best Shopify Apps For Google Shopping
  Supplier Setup & Order Fufillment Success
Module 2
Account Setup The Right Way To Avoid Problems
 Avoid Catastrophic Mistakes To Shopify Stores 
Requirements For Strong Healthy Ad Accounts
 Detailed Google Ads & Merchant Center Setup
 Must Watch To Avoid Merchant Center Suspensions
 Fix Product Feed & Merchant Center Errors
Module 3
Understanding Google Shopping
 Complete Google Shopping Ads Breakdown 
 Key Factors of Google Shopping Feed Data
 Laser Focused Targeting & Optimizing Feed
 Learn The Google Adwords Platform
 Conversion Tracking Pixel Installation 
Module 4
Product Research Domination
 Six Figure Product Research Mindset
 Hot Products Non-Stop System
 Spy on Competitors Winning Ads
 How To Make Sure Products Are Worth Selling
 How To Beat Competition Without Decreasing Your Profits
Module 5
Campaign Setup, Optimization & Scale
 Create Google Shopping Campaign
 Segmenting Products From General Campaign
 Scale Google Shopping Campaigns
 General Test All Product Campaign Setup
 Filtering Campaigns For Winning or Losing Products
 Unlocking The Power of Google Shopping
 Google Shopping Worldwide Scaling Setup
  Optimizing Google Shopping Keywords (LIVE)
 Filter Out Losers And Maximize Profits Campaign
 Facebook Retargeting Leveraging Google Sales Data
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My goal when I created this program was not to give people recycled information the "so called gurus" put out online. I work with our members week after week & day after day giving fresh valuable content. If you truly have a passion for exceeding in eCommerce and your willing to put forth the time I'd love to work with you!